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Buttertubs was established in 2008 to provided administration and programming services in the I.T. sector. In 2014, we started to transition into more creative work beginning with music videos, then documentaries, adverts, social media content, social media/website analytics and social media management.

Buttertubs is run by me, Edward Lee! I like dry stone walling, rugby, fell running, cycling, horror films, music, volunteer work, environmentalism and whisky. I'm a freelance creative who happens to have worked in a variety of other industries during my professional career. I've cut sand stone in the quarries of Shap, sold yo-yo's on Blackpool promenade, waited on tables, popped corn in a circus, flipped burgers, coached triathlon, created servers, decommissioned servers, coded, designed, documented, lead and been lead. Primarily, I've worked in I.T. for 25 years as a coder and consultant. I got my break in the creative space when I started working with a friends band and helped them make music videos, recorded their progress, tour managed, created merchandise and looked after their socials. That lead me to set up my own record label called Magnetic North Melodies (est 2014) and that led into getting freelance work from other bands, companies and volunteer organisations.

We film, edit, make VFX and take photographs. We can work remotely or on site, full crew or small team, always deliver on time and to budget.

Why the name Buttertubs?

Buttertubs Pass is a high road in the Yorkshire Dales, England. The road winds its way north from Simonstone near Hawes towards Thwaite and Muker past 20-metre-deep (66 ft) limestone potholes called the Buttertubs. It is said that the name of the potholes came from the times when farmers would rest there on their way to market. During hot weather they would lower the butter they had produced into the potholes to keep it cool. It is is one of the UK's great climbs to cycle over; it was included in the 2014 Tour De France. It's a rite effort on the iron horse but rewarding as heck.

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